Peaking into the history of Delhi would give an insight to the rich heritage of Indian culture and tradition. Delhi has always had a mysterious eternity, the city having witnessed empires rise to glory and fall to ashes. The contemporary Delhi is a culmination of seven cities built by different emperors first by the Pandavas as Indraprastha some 3000 years back. The city has a historic importance of its own with every crumbling walls of the city has a story to tell. Ruins of this ancient city are found even today and now these are converted to some major tourist attractions.

Modern Delhi is the culmination of medieval fortifications, Mughal mausoleums, music, mystery, mega malls, dusty bazaars, art and crafts. Craftsmanship has always been the specialty of Delhi. Mughals were great clientele of arts and crafts during their reign of Old Delhi, also called Shahjajanabad. Mainly the most practiced crafts work range from silver and gold enameling to the traditional embroidery work, also called Zari or Zardozi to Meenakari to Pottery to Lacquer.

The history speaks the importance and contribution of Delhi towards developing India as a country which has left its mark on the global map today. Delhi has the most effervescent history among other prominent cities in India. Delhi was a witness of every scar India has suffered from time-to-time. Now Delhi stands proudly as a symbol of the strength, achievements and aspirations of Indians. Delhi is by nature a homogenous city; it is ready to assimilate all incoming influences, whether they are people, culture, or the languages. Delhi truly is cosmopolitan city where people are open to embracing new ideas and life style.

At 23 Degrees North, we proudly say Delhi is our forte and there are few in the industry who can match us in showcasing Delhi the way we can. Trips to at least eight states originate from Delhi. Come and explore Delhi again and again before you head towards other adjoining destinations.


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