Privilege Card

23 Degrees North Privilege Card

23 DN Privilege Card is an exclusive tourism privilege card. Your family or group can make huge savings during your vacation in more than 56 locations and 125 hotels across India. How? Just order the card and book many small and large, reputed strategically located hotels through us and enjoy guaranteed 5%-15% discount on and above the published rate or quotation by the hotel individually or any other online portal. Also get award points in every booking you make and redeem it before the card expires. You will receive an exhaustive list of our partner hotels in “Welcome Kit” and in our website as well.


Guaranteed 5-15% discount is the hallmark of this Privilege Card



Frequently Asked Questions & Answers (FAQs)
Go through these Questions & Answers to understand how to use the card and what you can & cannot expect. If you still have questions about the card, write to us.


Where can you use 23 DN Privilege Card for discounts? 
We have carefully selected and partnered with many small and large hotels at strategic locations, who are among the best and offer value for money.

Click to see our partners How many Privilege Cards do you need? 
In hotels, for booking up to five room of any type (small or large family room) you need one card.


How is the Privilege Card delivered? 
Once you place the order, we deliver a soft copy of the card by email (as attachment) usually within 2-3 working days. You can print it for immediate booking. We will send you the Welcome kit containing the Card which may take 15 days to reach you.


How long is the Privilege Card valid? 
The card remains valid for 1 year from the date of issue. During its validity period the card can be used any number of times. If it expires, you must buy a new card.


After having booked a hotel, can I later buy the card and ask for discount? 
NO. You must first buy the card and then go for the hotel booking.


If we take a room with a meal plan like AP, MAP, CP etc, will the card discount work? 
YES. If the hotel has published room rates with meal plans like AP (American Plan which includes all three meals), MAP (Modified American Plan which includes Breakfast and one meal), CP (Continental Plan which includes Continental Breakfast) etc, then the offered discount will be applicable on such rates.


Will I get discount on the advance amount while booking a room or tour? 
NO. The discount will be given and necessary adjustments made at the time of your final bill settlement.


If all partner hotels are full, what to do with the card? 
This is a Privilege Card. You and your family will get discount at all our partner hotels subject to availability. But if you plan in advance, you can easily get hotel rooms of your choice.


If I use a hotel’s/operator’s online booking service, will they offer discount on the card? 


Other than the card, what else do I need to carry? 
Ideally, guests must carry Photo ID Proof. Anyway, it is mandatory to show ID Proof at hotels.


Can I walk in and use the card? 


Will I get card discount on top of any special or promotional offers? 
The card discounts are applicable on published/standard rates. Discount on top of any promotional offers, special deals or negotiated rates etc are not applicable in general and may be offered at our discretion.


How do I make payment for purchasing the Tourism Card? 
We accept online payment using Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, etc.


I bought the card. Can my brother’s family use it? 


What is the cancellation or refund policy? 
Once purchased, the card cannot be cancelled and no refund is applicable.



Pay online by credit / debit card, net banking or cash card. We use secured India’s no.1 payment gateway to receive the online payments. You can buy the card by visiting our office or meeting our representative.

Buying the card confirms your agreement to these Terms & Conditions.

Rs. 200/- only


Renew your Privilege Card

If you already have your 23 DN Privilege Card, you need to renew your card before it expires. Even if you renew well before the card expires, we still ensure that the new card is valid for one year from the expiry date of your existing card. So you won’t lose anything for early renewal.

Rs. 100/- only


Terms & Conditions

23 Degrees North Privilege Card

23 Degrees North Card is applicable only for direct use by tourists, and not by or through any agencies. Tourists must directly make the bookings themselves with us and provide the card info at the time of booking.

All bookings and discounts are subject to availability.

Discount applies only on standard published rates.

The discount will be given only after the card holder avails the services and at the time of final bill settlement.

One can book five rooms with one card.

The card has a validity period of 1 year from the date of issue. It can be used any number of times while it’s valid.

Refund Policy

Once purchased, the card can not be cancelled and no refund is applicable.


While we believe our partners are the best in business, we are no way liable for any unpleasant experience at their establishments or if they fail to meet your expectations. However do let us know of any unsatisfactory experience.

Any disputes relating to 23 Degrees North Privilege Card will be settled as per Indian law and in the city of Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

These Terms & Conditions are subject to change anytime.